2013 Anime

Code Geass 2

Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

An epic, and saddening tale of love, loss and redemption as Lelouch Lamperouge (secretly Lelouch vi Britannia) returns to this game of thrones, pursuing the destruction of the Royal Britannian Empire.

Dragon Ball Z Season 6

Dragon Ball Z Season 6

Let the Cell Games begin. This week, once again, sees the welcome return of Dragon Ball Z as Earth’s defenders spring back into action, battling it out against the now Perfect Cell. Well, eventually.

Bleach Movie: Hell Verse

Bleach: Hell Verse

Bleach: Hell Verse is the latest and fourth movie adaptation, following our characters on yet another epic journey, this time through the gates of Hell and back.

London Anime & Gaming Con

SFL at the London Anime Convention

Indra Wignall went in search of anime fun and found fruit salad sweets plus lots of new friends :D

Baka and Test

Baka and Test: Summon the Beasts

As Valentine’s Day approaches, it only makes sense that this week’s release has some cute, heartwarming moments in there, plus plenty of parody and perverted school-boys with nose-bleeds.

London Anime & Gaming Con

London Anime Con

Gaming, cos-play, music and more in one mega manga anime weekend.

Journey to Agartha

Journey to Agartha

The latest feature, aka Children Who Chase Lost Voices, from Makoto Shinkai is out now on Blu-ray and DVD.

Dragon Ball Z

Two new anime releases

A few weeks into the new year and we see the release of two of the more widely-known anime to date, majorly popular on both sides of the hemisphere.


Shiki Part 2

It's finally 2013. Happy New Year fellow anime fans! Let's give a few final thoughts to 2012, with the very last day of 2012 seeing the release of the second instalment of Shiki, titled Shiki Part 2.