2010 Blu-Ray

Family Gut: It's a Trap

Family Guy: It's a Trap

Win one of three Blu-ray copies of the third instalment of the Family Guy Star Wars satire.



Sci-fi/horror film that poses questions about scientific ethics and family values.

Metropilis Robot


The influential 1927 sci-fi classic gets HD restoration and shiny new Blu-ray release.



Blu-ray extended collector's edition of Cameron's AVATAR hits the streets 15th November. Three-disc set of the worldwide theatrical and home entertainment phenomenon contains even more of the AVATAR experience.

Predators Blu-ray

Predators - Win DVDs

The hunters are back for some sport. Win a DVD.

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2

Iron Man is back on DVD/Blu-ray with a great cast and plenty of action.



The farce is strong in this one.

Win a signed DVD

Going Postal

Going Postal - competition

Discworld comes to life on DVD. Win copies of the DVD and props from the film.

Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon 30th Anniversary

Flash is back, 30 years on, with a new Blu-ray release. Win one of five copies we have to give away.