The Losers - Chris Evans

The Losers

The Losers are the winners, and you can be too. We have five DVD / T-shirt / comic art bundles to give away.

Echelon Consipiracy

Echelon Conspiracy

Just how smart is your phone?

Flash Forward


What did you see? Do you want to see it again on DVD?


The Listener competition

Another supernatural TV series, this time from Canada. Win a DVD box-set

Tears for Sale

Tears for Sale

Desperate housewives gets a Serbian makeover


Aaah! Zombies

Remember, Zombies are People, too!

Black Lightning DVD

Black Lightning

Herbie goes to Moscow.

The Defendor

Defendor - Win DVDs

Woody Harrelson's wannabe hero has lost his marbles. Win a copy of the DVD.