Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea

WIN - Irwin Allen Box Sets!!!

Land of the Giants and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea - we have 3 complete box sets of each show to give away!!!

Perfect Sense

Perfect Sense

Win a copy of this British indie sci-fi on DVD plus a signed poster.

Too Fat For 40 - Kevin Smith

Too Fat For 40

Not everyone's favourite tubby geek filmmaker has a hilarious three-hour rant on his latest DVD. Win a copy.

Lost Girl Season 2 Cast

Lost Girl Season 2

Season 2 starts on SyFy UK from Thursday January 11. Watch a clip.

Merlin - Season 4

Merlin Season 4.1

Part 1 of Series 4 of the popular BBC show is out on DVD now, and you can win a copy.


Buffy and Angel box sets to win

Win a box set of either Buffy or Angel, just in time for Christmas. Or buy them for just £50 each.

Buffy Season 8 Motion Comic

Buffy Season 8

The Buffy Season 8 comic books are brought to life on this double DVD release.

The Cape

The Cape

Short-lived super hero series that deserved more coverage. Win a DVD box set.

Warehouse 13

When Worlds Collide

Warehouse 13 and Eureka crossover into each other's territory. Win DVD boxsets of the latest seasons of both shows.

Stargate Universe Season 2

Stargate Universe Season 2

Second and final season of SG-U is out on DVD. We have three box sets to give away.