Caprica Part 2: win DVDs

The second part of the Battlestar Galactica prequel is out on DVD on July 4. We have four copies to give away.



Who's watching the watchers? Win a DVD.


PAUL arrives in your home on a laser-powered disc.



Boys just wanna have fun…

Doctor Who - Neil Gaiman

Charles Christian reviews the latest episode and remembers past (and passed) companions. (May contain spoilers.)

Paranoia Agent Collection

Holy Cow... It's an Anime box-set reissue Zerg Rush! CHAAAARRRRGEEE!

The Lost Skeleton Cadavra

Neo-retro sci-fi with its tongue stuck in its intergalactic cheek

Paradox Soldiers

Paradox Soldiers

Win a copy of this Russian War/sc-fi time travel movie on DVD.

Eureka Season 3.5 DVD

Eureka Season 3.5 DVD Competition

The Emmy-nominated cult smash A Town Called Eureka returns from 17th January, 2011 as Season 3.5 arrives on DVD courtesy of Universal Playback. Win one of three copies of Eureka Season 3.5 on DVD

The Lawmowerman Poster

Lawnmower Man - Win DVDs

Lawnmower Man was on something stronger than grass in this Director's Cut re-release. Win one of five DVDs.