Reflections of the Shadow by Jeffery Hirschberg

Reflections of the Shadow

Definitely one of the more interesting screenwriting books I've come across in recent months, Reflections of the Shadow focuses on creating memorable Protagonists and Antagonists and, as the title suggests, demonstrating not just how they are different from each other but also how they are very much the same - reflections - and that's what makes it worth adding to your screenwriting library.

Salute the Dark by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Salute The Dark

This series of great books are, in short, superb fantasy and Salute The Dark, the fourth in the series, keeps the same high standards as its predecessors.

Sam Sykes

Interview with fantasy author Sam Sykes

Sam Sykes debut fantasy novel, Tome of the Undergates is released in the UK on 15th April and is already garnering this debut author plaudits from all-comers

Spirit by Gwyneth Jones


A decent book that, while it wanes towards the end, is worth reading as a yardstick for the quality of nominations for the 'Clarkes'.

Farlander by Col Buchanan


A solid and entertaining debut making this series a definite one to watch.

Mind Your Business

Mind Your Business

Serious about a screenwriting career? Looking for the skinny on Agents? This book is perfect.