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Paper Cities: An Anthology of Urban Fantasy

A flawed but nevertheless good quality anthology of stories all set in cities.

Talk the Talk by Penny Penniston

Writers learn by writing and this book is designed to get you putting words on the page.

Rats the Ruling Sea by Robert V.S Redick

The sheer scale and scope of the storytelling here is breathtaking.

Terminal World by Alastair Reynolds

An epic tale, brilliantly well written and brimming with imagination and adventure.


Not the 'best' books of the year, rather these are my favourites of the books I read

Avatar Survival Guide

A perfect tie-in book, offering a stunning companion to this cutting-edge masterpiece.

The Nargun and the Stars

A lovely children's fantasy book, that gently pulls the reader in and keeps them guessing.

The Adamantine Palace

At the core of this book lies a terrific idea that, despite its flaws, has real potential

First Among Sequels

Books that are a rare joy for wordsmiths and lovers of literature everywhere.