Blu-ray extended collector's edition of Cameron's AVATAR hits the streets 15th November. Three-disc set of the worldwide theatrical and home entertainment phenomenon contains even more of the AVATAR experience.

Predators Blu-ray

Predators - Win DVDs

The hunters are back for some sport. Win a DVD.

Iron Man 2

Iron Man is back on DVD/Blu-ray with a great cast and plenty of action.

Zombies of Mass Destruction

A new war on terror



The farce is strong in this one.

Win a signed DVD

Going Postal

Going Postal - competition

Discworld comes to life on DVD. Win copies of the DVD and props from the film.

Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon 30th Anniversary

Flash is back, 30 years on, with a new Blu-ray release. Win one of five copies we have to give away.


If watching the Reg Traviss film PSYCHOSIS taught me anything, it is that men are jerks.

Stargate Universe

Latest chapter of the Stargate Universe comes to DVD and Blu-ray


More toothy bloodsuckers, but it's not True Blood