Tekken competition

Win a copy of the TEKKEN film on DVD or Blu-ray. Watch a clip from the movie.

Green Hornet

The Green Hornet gets flattened for DVD release.


INK - win copies

Win one of five copies on DVD or Blu-ray of this indie hit.


Machete - Win a Blu-ray

This Mexican has more than an axe to grind. Win a copy on Blu-ray.

The Hole

The Hole

Win DVD goodie bags of Joe Dante's teen horror THE HOLE.

WARNING: Film contains scary clowns.

Family Gut: It's a Trap

Family Guy: It's a Trap

Win one of three Blu-ray copies of the third instalment of the Family Guy Star Wars satire.


Sci-fi/horror film that poses questions about scientific ethics and family values.

Metropilis Robot

The influential 1927 sci-fi classic gets HD restoration and shiny new Blu-ray release.