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Empress of the Sun

Win an audiobook copy of Empress of the Sun by Ian McDonald, from Audible UK

An easy, quick, read that will keep you very entertained for a good couple of hours.

Tense, funny, touching and thrilling Andy Weir's novel is utterly unputdownable.

Gollancz celebrate launch of The Gospel of Loki by Joanne M. Harris with the #AskLoki Blog Tour.

Angry Robot offering two eBook packages containing 100 ebooks for just £100

One of the most intriguing and beguiling books you’ll read for a long, long time

World-building as brilliant as we’ve come to expect, and characters and creatures that inhabit it every bit as impressive.

Drakenfeld by Mark Charan Newton

A solid murder mystery that heralds the start of a terrific new fantasy detective series.

Ender's Game Alive

As the movie of Ender's Game is about to hit cinemas, author Orson Scott Card has developed his book into an audioplay for Audible. Listen to an interview with the author and producers, plus a preview.

Feast and Famine by Adrian Tchaikovsky

A short story collection from a writer who really is at the top of his game.