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The Best of British Fantasy 2013

A great addition to anyone's fantasy library.

Reviver by Seth Patrick

I'm looking forward to the film. If it's half as exciting as the book it'll be brilliant!

World War Z - The Art of the Film

An 'art' book in the true sense of the word that doesn't disappoint.

E Boy

A beautifully designed snapshot celebration of today’s gaming culture seeks a Kickstart to get published.

The Best of British Fantasy 2013

A round table discussion with EJ Swift, Lavie Tidhar and Jon Wallace to celebrate the launch of the Best of British Fantasy 2013.

The Glass Republic by Tom Pollock

Friday evening saw the launch of Tom Pollock’s eagerly awaited second book The Glass Republic.

Brian Gulliver's Travels by Bill Dare

Genuinely entertaining, frighteningly plausible and thoroughly recommended.

Metawars 3 Battle of the Immortal by Jeff Norton

Jeff Norton brings us another great addition to the Metawars series.

Dark Eden

Dark Eden audiobook

This year's Clarke Award winner comes to audiobook and you can win a copy here.

Screenwriting for Teens by Christina Hamlett

Although targeted to the largest movie-going audience in the world - teenagers - it covers everything any aspiring screenwriter needs to know.