Portal Dailymotion - SciFi London


Portal is a new series about virtual reality, coming exclusively to Dailymotion.

Selfless trailer - SciFi London

Self/Less Trailer

Ben Kingsley's brain in Ryan Reynolds' body... what could go wrong? 

Ethan Hawke | Predestination | sci-fi-london competition

Predestination - win goodies!

Maybe you have already won this... or will again...or... you get the picture, check out this great time travel film

Jupiter Ascending Review

Martin Jensen looks at Jupiter Ascending and gives his view of the latest from the Wachowskis.

Jupiter Ascending | SCI-FI-LONDON

Jupiter Ascending - Super Gadgets!

With the imminent release of the next Wachowski movie, we talk about gadgets and gizmos they will bring to the big screen.

Minions Movie | sci-fi-london

Minions are coming!

We love these little critters and can't wait to see them in their own movie!

Re-Launching Infinite

The quest to launch epic sci-fiseries INFINITE continues...

Ship of Eagles

A new anmated sci-fi comedy series from Wildseed, available to watch online now.