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Feature Films

  • the_death_of_superman_lives_what_happened | sci-fi-london

    The Death of 'Superman Lives': What Happened?

    A documentary about Superman Lives – the tantalising film that never was.

    Director: Jon Schnepp


  • Dawn


    Two survivors of a long-past apocalypse eye each other with suspicion. Is there any hope of their coming across pollution-free resources in the broken and empty world they now inhabit?

    Director: Anders Elsrud Hultgreen


  • The Lovers

    The Lovers

    Jumping back-and-forth across centuries, Josh Hartnett plays both Jay, in a coma after attempting the recovery of an ancient ring from an 18th century shipwreck in Boston 2020, and James, a British officer in the Anglo-Maratha war in Pune 1778.

    Director: Roland Joffé


  • Listening


    Two grad students are working on a garage-low-fi project exploring how technology could make mind-reading routine. Their invention looks likely to destroy their lives, especially when it falls into the wrong hands.

    Director: Khalil Sullins


  • The Quiet Hour - Dakota Blue Richards, Karl Davies, Jack McMullen

    The Quiet Hour

    The survival aspect of post-apocalyptic films is generally not done very well and does not withstand much scrutiny.

    Director: Stéphanie Joalland


  • The Incident

    The Incident (El Incidente)

    Forget time travel, this is endless travel, like being stuck in a hamster’s wheel…

    Director: Isaac Ezban


  • Boy 7

    Boy 7

    Based on the best-selling Dutch novel by Mirjam Mous, BOY 7 is a slick thriller that is both smart and well-paced.

    Director: Lourens Blok

    Netherlands/ Hungary

  • Man Vs. - Chris Diamantopoulos

    Man Vs.

    Chris Diamantopoulos plays Doug Woods, host of his own hit WebTV series, ‘MAN VS’. Doug must survive for five days in remote locations.

    Director: Adam Massey


  • Convergence


    Arson detective Ben Walls is injured in an explosion during a routine investigation.

    Director: Drew Hall


  • Movement + Location

    Movement + Location

    In this gently paced, well-acted feature, director Alexis Boling lays bare modernday relationships and responsibilities.

    Director: Alexis Boling


  • Deep Dark

    Deep Dark

    Any creative person will be able to relate to Hermann.

    Director: Michael Medaglia


  • Closer to God

    Closer to God

    Despite the world being massively overpopulated, scientists insist on finding more ways of increasing our numbers, and experiments on cloning continue.

    Director: Billy Senese


  • Hardware

    Hardware 25th Anniversary

    Special event with composer Simon Boswell (Q&A and live performance)

    25 years ago this film warped a lot of minds, if you have never seen it – you must!

  • Uncanny


    A cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence android exhibits unnerving emergent behavior when a reporter begins a relationship with the scientist who created it

    Director: Matthew Leutwyler


  • Reveries of a Lonely Walker

    Fantasticherie di un Passeggiatore Solitario (Reveries of a Lonely Walker)

    Philosophy could be considered the science of ideas, so what better place to look for inspiration for sci-fi or fantasy than story telling.

    Director: Paolo Gaudio


  • Haphead


    HAPHEAD comes from the pen of Jim Munroe, the guy behind festival favourite GHOSTS WITH SHIT JOBS.

    Director: Tate Young


  • Liza, the Lady Fox

    Liza, the Fox Fairy

    This is an amazing, surreal film, superstylish, funny and cruel – and filled with 60s J-pop croon-tunes. An intricate fairy-tale, unlike anything you have seen before.

    Director: Károly Ujj Mészáros


  • adventurados


    At SCI-FI-LONDON 10 we screened Pierce’s documentary SENSE OF SCALE which looked at miniatures and practical FX in the movies.

    Director: Berton Pierce


  • Terminus - Todd Lasance


    Set against the threat of nuclear war with Iran, this apparent redneck drama set in small town America quickly becomes an intriguing sci-fi thriller.

    Director: Marc Furmie


  • Fool Japan: the ABCs of Tetsudon

    Fool Japan: The ABCs of Tetsudon

    Horror fans were recently treated to The ABCs of Death , an anthology of short films by well-known directors of the genre.

    Director: 26 directors!


Special Events

  • 48 Hour Challenge Awards

    48 Hour Challenge Awards

    Back in 2008 we launched our 48hr film challenge – to make a 5 min short in two days.

  • Hardware

    Hardware 25th Anniversary

    Special event with composer Simon Boswell (Q&A and live performance)

    25 years ago this film warped a lot of minds, if you have never seen it – you must!

  • Dogstar SCI-FI-LONDON

    SCI-FIDO: Dog Show

    Got a pooch that you like to dress up or a dog that looks like Spock?

Blink of an Eye

  • SCI-FI-LONDON Shorts

    Shorts Programme 1

    The Brain Hack, Two film students create a short-cut to induce hallucinogenic visions of God, and find themselves hunted by a deadly religious sect.

  • Alekto

    Shorts Programme 2

    Alekto, Conspiracy theories and the entire evolution of Man. An earthling is kidnapped into space, discovering parallel dimensions that she could never have imagined.

  • Aeris

    Shorts Programme 3

    Aeris, Humans have been forced to take refuge deep within the Earth. One man journeys to the surface in search of a better life.

  • Gear

    Shorts Programme 4

    Gear, With so many forces aligned against Mazzy, she turns to her only ally, an old broken down construction robot named Three.

  • Becoming One

    Shorts Programme 5

    Becoming One, A full CG-animated piece exploring the relationship between connectivity and individuality.

  • Savant: Kali 47

    Shorts Programme 6

    Savant: Kali 47, Undead dark riders invade a wild west saloon, blasting away everyone in sight. Now only a bad-ass Native American warrior can save the town.

  • Chasm

    Shorts Programme 7

    Chasm, A blue collar astronaut mines for ore above the surface of a planet.

  • Match

    Shorts Programme 8

    Match, The Darkball champion must be faster, stronger and better than all the rest. This is not just a short film, this, is Darkball.

  • Himiko the Godslayer

    Shorts Programme 9

    Himiko the Godslayer vs. the Daemon Legion of Azure Dragons, Kyoto, Japan, the guardian Gods who protect the four quarters suddenly revolt against human beings! To save the world, a Godslayer, Kaguraoka Himiko, takes action.