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SciFi London - Minions

Those little yellow... things are back!

SciFi London - Mad Max Fury Road

Has the whole world gone... mad

SciFi London - Avengers

Marvel's latest offering is a ton of fun. 

the void | manborg | sci-fi-london

The folk behind festival hit MANBORG are making a new film and want your input (and money ;)


Help bring a horrifying vision of the outer darkness to life...

interstellar poster.| sci-fi-london

The visual effects supervisor on Interstellar answered qustions at the Apple Store on Regent Street. 

Robot Overlords - SciFi London

The director of Robot Overlords chats with us about his influences and challenges making the film.

Back to the Future Documentary Now Crowd-funding - SciFi London

Great Scott! Back in Time to document the influence of the BTTF trilogy. 


Let George Clooney guide you through a strange future land... a Tomorrowland

New Look at Avatar Land - SciFi London

You're not in Kansas any more, you're on Pandora (well... Florida)!