SciFi London - Minions

New Minions Trailer

Those little yellow... things are back!

the void | manborg | sci-fi-london

Manborg Makers New Project

The folk behind festival hit MANBORG are making a new film and want your input (and money ;)


What is The Void?

Help bring a horrifying vision of the outer darkness to life...

interstellar poster.| sci-fi-london

Paul Franklin on Interstellar's Effects

The visual effects supervisor on Interstellar answered qustions at the Apple Store on Regent Street. 

Robot Overlords - SciFi London

Jon Wright talks Robot Overlords

The director of Robot Overlords chats with us about his influences and challenges making the film.


New Tomorrowland Trailer

Let George Clooney guide you through a strange future land... a Tomorrowland

New Look at Avatar Land - SciFi London

New Look at Avatar Theme Park

You're not in Kansas any more, you're on Pandora (well... Florida)!