Help make this NEW sci-fi short

John Harden has made two fantastic self-financed shorts that have shown at SFL. Now he needs your help to make his NEW project a reality.


Film funding

Are you aged 18 - 30? Launcher wants to help fund filmmakers and business start ups.

SteamPunk Design Book

Steampunk design competition

Win £250 in this Steampunk design competition. And there's a new book on Steampunk for inspiration.

Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott Looks At Lo-Budget Sci-Fi

Ridley Scott is set to Executive Produce six lo-budget sci-fi and horror films over the next three years.

Aliens on Mars?

Check out this curious footage of Curiosity landing.

Neil Armstrong - Moon Footprint

Neil Armstrong Dies at 82

The first man on the moon passes away from complications following heart surgery.

Captain Ahab's Motorcycle Club

Captain Ahab's Motorcycle Club

Festival favourite Cory McAbee has an exciting new project he would like to share with you.